Laia Gutiérrez

Laia Gutiérrez

Laia Gutiérrez (b. 1984) is a visual artist based in Barcelona, Spain. Working in photography and design, her keen eye for color and composition transform timeless aspects of reality into highly expressive, contemporary images.

Lyrical and nonliteral, her photographs resemble a poem, in which elements and tones are chosen for their suggestive power and spatial relationship to the frame. Laia understands photography as a metaphorical process, one that evokes emotive responses and fresh insights about the human condition. Approaching the landscape as a canvas, she creates alternate realities and singular moods that reflect our perceptual experience of nature.

Laia holds a BFA in Fine Arts and Photography and has taken part in several art residencies. Since 2009, her work has been exhibited and published in Europe and abroad.


[2012] Certificate in CGI and Postproduction, Grisart School of Photography; Barcelona, Spain
[2010] BFA in Fine Arts (Photography), Universitat de Barcelona; Barcelona, Spain
[2005] BFA in Audiovisual Communication, ITES; Barcelona, Spain


[2016] De Liceiras; Porto, Portugal
[2014] Listhús SES; Olafsfjordur, Iceland


[2017] Zugunruhe”. Brownie Art Gallery; Shanghai, China
[2016] “Some Silent Ballads”. EAPT; Barcelona, Spain
[2016] “Some Silent Ballads”. De Liceiras; Porto, Portugal
[2015] “Complacent”. Ooud Gallery; Edinburgh, Scotland


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